Even if you have not tried Goodal before, chances are you’re no stranger to their renowned Green Tangerine Vitamin C Serum. It has been a steady best-seller in Korea for quite some time. However, this is not what I’m reviewing today, but two other products from the brand: the Goodal Vita-C Dark Spot Care Sun Serum SPF50+ PA++++ and the Vegan Rice Milk Moisturizing Cream.

Goodal Vita-C Dark Spot Care Sun Serum Review

What is it: An organic (chemical) sunscreen.

Where to buy: This is available at YesStyle (Use KBEAUTYNOTES for % off your order), Stylevana (code INF10LED), Stylekorean.

Price: $23-$27

Volume: 50ml (1.69 fl.oz.)

PAO: 12 months.

Packaging: This sun serum comes with a pump mechanism, which is very convenient and works very well.

Goodal Vita-C Dark Spot Care Sun Serum


Apply a generous amount as the last step of your skincare routine and before makeup. Make sure to always apply sunscreen on the neck area as well.

How does the Goodal Vita-C Dark Spot Care Sun Serum SPF50+ PA++++ perform

SPF50+ PA++++

Texture and finish:
Lightweight and easily spreadable serum-like texture, which glides beautifully on the skin. The finish is velvety-smooth, and there is zero stickiness even while the serum has not dried completely. Depending on your skin type and the products you use before the sun serum, it can look satin-like to fully dewy. Leaves no greasy feeling.

Does it contain alcohol?
Yes, it contains alcohol, which also causes eye stinging for me. I’ve experienced this with all the formulas that contain alcohol. It doesn’t sting immediately after application, though, only after the product migrates into the eyes if I’m sweating or my eyes are tearing up.

Yes. The scent is citrusy and noticeable. I don’t mind it as it’s not too overpowering for my taste, but it might not be everybody’s cup of tea. The formula contains a lot of essential oils in it, too, like bergamot, lavender, lemon, and orange peel oil. However, I didn’t experience any irritation. If you’re sensitive to essential oils, it makes sense to avoid this sunscreen.

Is it drying?
It’s not drying, but I don’t feel my face moisturized when I use it directly on the skin.

Does it pill? Easy to re-apply?

Also, without using a hydrating product before, this sun serum tends to pill a little due to Silica in the formula. It also pills if you over-blend it on the skin. So after applying it over my hydrating toner/ampoule, I massage this in and let it set completely.

This method seems to fix the pilling problem as it’s not that bad to begin with. But, still, it’s a bit of an annoyance since it shouldn’t pill at all.

I then proceed with applying makeup using the tapping technique. And because of the initial pilling, I didn’t bother re-applying and used a sun stick instead. It protected my skin well, though, as my face didn’t get hot or red while being out in the sun.

Does it leave a white cast?
No, not at all. It is suitable for deeper skin tones, too.

Irritation or breakouts?
It didn’t break me out or clog my pores. Also, despite the EO content, it wasn’t sensitizing for me.

How does it work with makeup?
As mentioned, you must use something hydrating before the sun serum because the pilling will affect your makeup. It doesn’t pose a problem for the makeup base if used this way. I was able to use my current cushion over it, the AGE 20’s Essence Cover Pact, with no issues.

Ingredients of the Goodal Vita-C Sun Serum

Here are the UV filters in the Goodal Green Tangerine Vita-C Dark Spot Care Sun Serum:

Uvinul A Plus (UVA), Uvinul T 150 (highest photostable absorption of all available UVB filters), Tinosorb S (broad spectrum – highly photostable), Amiloxate (UVB and UVA II), Polysilicone-15 (UVB).

The Vitamin C present in the formula is Ascorbyl Glucoside, which is a Vitamin C derivative. This form is stable and easy to formulate. It shows all the three anti-aging benefits of pure Vitamin C – antioxidant, collagen boosting, and fading hyperpigmentation, although more research is needed.

Two other ingredients that this sun serum contains to help fade dark spots are Arbutin and Niacinamide 2%. Arbutin hinders the melanin-forming activity of tyrosinase, and Niacinamide suppresses the transfer of melanosomes to the outer layer of the skin.

Soothing agents: Allantoin, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate.

It contains alcohol and essential oils.

Ingredients list HERE.

Final Verdict on the Goodal Vita-C Dark Spot Care Sun Serum


  • Moderately moisturizing.
  • Velvety, satin-dewy finish.
  • It didn’t break me out.
  • Suitable for all skin types except for sensitive skin.
  • Cruelty-free and Vegan.


  • Stings the eyes due to the alcohol content.
  • Tends to pill.
  • It contains EOs which are not suitable for sensitive skin.

The texture of this sun serum is beautiful and probably the reason why I keep using it. It creates a velvety smooth surface on the skin over my hydrating products, and I love the extra glow it provides. The pilling part is a bit annoying, but it’s fixable. Otherwise, I would have stopped using it. If your sunscreen pills and there’s no way for you to prevent it, it’s time to toss it since it won’t be able to accomplish its function. Also, I think the product could do without the essential oils in it. It’s fine if you have no sensitivities, but it’s not for sensitive skin.

Goodal Vegan Rice Milk Moisturizing Cream Review

A no-frills moisturizer formulated with Sandui Rice extract grown in Jeju Island and organic soy milk that provides 24-hour moisture to dry and irritated skin. The formula is free of potential irritants like alcohol and fragrance.

Where to buy: This is available at YesStyle (Use KBEAUTYNOTES for % off your order), Stylevana (code INF10LED), Stylekorean.

Price: $15-$26

Volume: 70ml (2.36 fl.oz.)

PAO: 12 months.

Packaging: It comes in a standard squeeze tube with a cap and it’s a mix of paper and plastic to reduce plastic waste.


This moisturizer can be used both morning and night as needed.


Rich and silky consistency that’s easy to apply on the skin. There’s no heavy feeling, and it feels a bit tacky until it dries into a smooth finish.


Scent-free. There is no added fragrance, so sensitive skin types will enjoy this cream.


This is a very good fragrance & essential oil-free moisturizing cream. It works as advertised. Feels rich but not heavy, and it would be perfect for combination, dry, and sensitive skin types. Now that it’s summer, my skin tends to be more oily, so it leaves my skin looking shiny.

I did not experience any breakouts or clogged pores, though. The texture is silky and doesn’t feel suffocating. I will re-introduce this to my routine once the weather starts getting cold again to avoid the greasy look.

This cream will also be a great choice for barrier repair and retinoid users, even for those who may experience irritation due to over-exfoliating or simply due to environmental factors.

Ingredients of the Goodal Vegan Rice Milk Moisturizing Cream

Rice Extract and Soymilk for deep nourishment, skin brightening, and restoring skin elasticity.

Other moisturizing agents: Glycerin, Diglycerin, Ceramide NP.

Alcohol-free, fragrance, and essential oil-free.

Ingredients list HERE.

Final Verdict on the Goodal Vita-C Dark Spot Care Sun Serum


  • Moisturizing and emollient.
  • Rich but not heavy.
  • Dewy finish.
  • Plumps the skin.
  • It didn’t break me out.
  • Suitable for combination, dry, and sensitive skin.
  • Cruelty-free and Vegan.


  • Not for oily skin types.

Although this cream doesn’t fit my skin in summer, I like its texture, finish, and how plump and smooth it makes the skin feel. Dry and sensitive skin types will like this the most. It’s a simple formula, but it does the job. Perfect for those with a compromised skin barrier due to actives or external factors.

Did you find the Goodal Vita-C Dark Spot Care Sun Serum Review helpful? What products have you tried from this brand?

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