Who doesn’t appreciate a good antioxidant serum? I’ve had my eye on the Missha Vita C Plus Spot Correcting & Firming Ampoule for a while now. People seem to love it, and I’m a fan of the brand’s products in general. The ampoule’s texture is thick, which I figured would be nice for the winter months. So, let’s delve into this Missha Vitamin C review.

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Price: $17-$25

Volume: 30ml (1.01 fl.oz.)

PAO: 12 months.

Packaging: The ampoule comes in a sleek dark glass bottle with a convenient dropper for easy application.

What is the Missha Vita C Plus Spot Correcting & Firming Ampoule

The Missha Vita C contains 33% Vita C Liposome Formula that encapsulates 99% pure Vitamin C and collagen in a microcapsule which helps deliver the ingredients into skin for a brighter and firmer-looking complexion. It’s recommended for aging skin, dull skin, dark spots, and rough texture.

At first glance, the ampoule may seem like a high-strength vitamin C product due to 33% and ascorbic acid written in the packaging. However, that’s not the case. This is gentle on the skin, making it an excellent choice for those sensitive to high concentrations of pure vitamin C.

What helps address aging skin, discoloration, and uneven tone in the formula, are a bunch of ingredients that work synergistically such as Sea Buckthorn Water, 3 types of Vitamin C (2 derivatives and pure vitamin c), Niacinamide, Arbutin, and Peptides. (Check the ingredients below.)

Note: Don’t be alarmed by the ampoule’s yellow hue; it’s not oxidation but the original color of the product.


It can be incorporated into both your morning and nighttime skincare routines. Simply dispense a few drops using the dropper, adjusting the amount based on your preferences. Depending on your skin type and needs, you can use it on its own or with multiple products.


Luxurious viscous texture that glides effortlessly onto the skin. Despite its richness, it leaves minimal tackiness behind.


Due to the inclusion of essential oils in the formula it has a sweet citrusy scent, which I personally find very pleasant.


The texture of this ampoule is one of my absolute favorites. Medium viscosity, spreads beautifully, hydrating, and skin softening at the same time. Plumps up fine lines and improves texture instantly! I’m glad I got this during the winter months as it suits my skin perfectly.
I don’t even need to follow with a separate moisturizer most of the time due to the protective emollient layer it leaves on the skin.

Additionally, I’ve noticed that it hydrates exceptionally well, making the use of a toner underneath optional. However, I do appreciate the added hydration that a toner provides, so I usually include it in my skincare routine along with this ampoule.

Individuals with particularly dry skin may still require additional nourishment. Following up with a richer moisturizer, such as a cream or balm, can help lock in moisture and provide the necessary emollients for comfort and hydration throughout the day or night.

Although the ampoule feels slightly tacky at first, it leaves a soft and smooth finish. It works great under makeup too. Makes the application more smooth and prevents makeup from cracking.

I’ve observed some reduction in redness and a more even/brighter complexion whenever I use the ampoule. Plus, I haven’t experienced any breakouts from using it, which is always a good thing.

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Ingredients of the Missha Vitamin C

Vitamin Tree Water 32.32% (Sea Buckthorn), 1.5% 3-0-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (vitamin c derivative, skin-brightening), Ascorbic Acid (pure vitamin c), Ascorbyl Glucoside (vitamin c derivative, stable form).

Niacinamide, Arbutin (skin brightening), Syn-Coll (anti-aging tripeptide), Argireline, Tranexamic Acid, Panthenol, Ceramide NP, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid.

Find the full ingredients list HERE.

Final Verdict on the Missha Vita C Plus Spot Correcting & Firming Ampoule


  • Hydrates and moisturizes well.
  • Viscous and smooth texture.
  • Plumps up fine lines.
  • Improves skin texture.
  • Antioxidant and brightening properties.
  • Gentle and non-irritating.
  • It didn’t break me out.
  • Most suitable for combination to dry skin types.
  • Free of alcohol.


  • It contains essential oils which makes it not suitable for those that are sensitive to them.

Count me as a fan of this ampoule! It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and adequately hydrated. Perfect for dull, rough, and aging skin. While I can’t speak to its long-term effectiveness in fading hyperpigmentation just yet, the inclusion of skin-brightening ingredients like vitamin C derivatives, niacinamide, and arbutin certainly makes me hopeful. Especially for those with sensitive skin, this gentle yet effective formula seems promising for gradual improvement over time. With consistent use alongside daily sunscreen application, this ampoule will be a valuable ally in both preventing and reducing existing dark spots.

Did you find the Missha Vitamin C Serum Review helpful? What products have you tried from the brand?

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