About Me

Hi and welcome to K-Beauty Notes!

My name is Ledia and I’m very passionate about everything skincare, especially K-Beauty. I discovered Korean skincare and makeup back in 2013 and I have been hooked ever since. You must be too, considering that you’ve stumbled upon this blog 🙂

I’ve had problematic skin growing up and now in my late 20s, I’ve seen so much improvement by using the right products to address my skin concerns. Of course, the condition of the skin depends on many factors such genetics, environmental factors etc, so the goal is not to make it look perfect, but to work towards healthy skin.

I prefer to gather information about a product before purchasing it by looking at the ingredients/formulations, textures and other details to see if it’s likely to work for me or not. And this approach has been very beneficial for me so far.

So, I’ve created this blog to share my thoughts and experience with many amazing and not so great products out there, hoping to help you make better decisions regarding your skin, too.

I’d also love to share other things that I’m passionate about or that you may like or find helpful.^^

I’m very happy to bring you on this journey with me and I hope you enjoy it!

My Skin Profile

My Skin Type: Oily, acne prone, dehydration prone, a little sensitive, large pores.
I also have broken capillaries on my face.

Skincare Concerns: hydration, pore care, blackheads, anti-ageing, PIE (acne marks), brightening.

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