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romand glasting melting balm

Romand Glasting Melting Balm Review

If you haven’t gotten your hands on the Romand Glasting Melting Balm yet, you’re missing out! I’ve been absolutely hooked on these balms lately, reaching for them daily. Who doesn’t love a reliable lip balm honestly? But the added bonus of gorgeous shades? It’s a...
AMUSE Dew Jelly Vegan Cushion Review

AMUSE Dew Jelly Vegan Cushion Review

I’m on a mission to find the perfect cushion foundation for my skin, and the AMUSE Dew Jelly Vegan Cushion was next on my list to try. Amuse, a newbie in the K-beauty game, has been making waves lately, and I’ve got a bunch of...
Missha Cushion

MISSHA Magic Cushion Cover Lasting Review

For those who’ve been following my blog, you’re well aware that the MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream has held a special place in my makeup routine for years. If one of the available shades has matched your skin, you’ll understand the challenge of switching...
UNLEASHIA Satin Wear cushion

UNLEASHIA Satin Wear Healthy-Green Cushion Review

Unleashia has only been in the market for a few years, but it has become quite popular quickly. I had been eyeing the Unleashia Satin Wear Healthy Green Cushion for quite some time, primarily due to its eye-catching green packaging (Check out my reel on...