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TonyMoly eyeliner

TONYMOLY Back Gel Eyeliner Review

If you’ve been into K-beauty for a long time, chances are you’ve heard of the iconic TONYMOLY Back Gel Eyeliner. It’s been around for a while and has earned quite the reputation as a best-seller with numerous awards under its belt. I’ve been using the...
ETUDE My Lash Serum Review
Eye Care

ETUDE My Lash Serum Review

The long-awaited review of the ETUDE My Lash Serum is finally here! Up until about a year ago, I haven’t had any problems with my eyelashes. However, I began noticing that some areas of my lashes were breaking off for some reason and the inner...
peripera ink black cara

PERIPERA Ink Black Cara Review

When was the last time that I enjoyed wearing mascara, you ask? Maybe never? I know that mascaras make the lashes look great, but I’m not a fan of raccoon eyes, flaking, or my lashes falling off. And I’ve always had these issues with any...
Etude House 2X Tinting Eyeliner

Etude House 2X Tinting Eyeliner Review

I don’t usually try new eyeliners because I always go back to the same one I have used for 10 years or more that works perfectly for me. However, I recently wanted to create softer makeup looks, so I’m searching for a good brown eyeliner....
rom&nd better than palette

rom&nd Better Than Palette in 05 Shade & Shadow Garden

Today I’m reviewing rom&nd Better Than Palette eyeshadow palette in 05 Shade & Shadow Garden. Rom&nd (Romand) is a popular Korean makeup brand which is known for their palettes and lip tints. I’ve had my eye on their 03 Rosebud Garden palette since these launched...