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peripera ink black cara

PERIPERA Ink Black Cara Review 

When was the last time that I enjoyed wearing mascara, you ask? Maybe never? I know that mascaras make the lashes look great, but I’m not a fan of raccoon eyes, flaking, or my lashes falling off. And I’ve always had these issues with any…

Etude House 2X Tinting Eyeliner

Etude House 2X Tinting Eyeliner Review 

I don’t usually try new eyeliners because I always go back to the same one I have used for 10 years or more that works perfectly for me. However, I recently wanted to create softer makeup looks, so I’m searching for a good brown eyeliner….

rom&nd better than palette

rom&nd Better Than Palette in 05 Shade & Shadow Garden 

Today I’m reviewing rom&nd Better Than Palette eyeshadow palette in 05 Shade & Shadow Garden. Rom&nd (Romand) is a popular Korean makeup brand which is known for their palettes and lip tints. I’ve had my eye on their 03 Rosebud Garden palette since these launched…