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VEGREEN Fragrance-Free Cica Serum

[Review] Vegreen Fragrance-free Cica Serum 

Vegreen is a new brand in the K-Beauty scene and lesser-known by the K-Beauty community, but I have tried their skincare line before and to be honest, I was very impressed with the quality of their products. The Vegreen Nature Mucin Toner has become a…

Review I’m From Rice Toner
Skin Care

Review: I’m From Rice Toner 

In this post we’re diving into the I’m From Rice Toner review! I’m From is a K-Beauty brand that is known for its high quality plant-based ingredients and each of their skincare lines revolves around a star ingredient. I got the 3 mini versions of…

TIAM Vita B3 Source Review

TIAM Vita B3 Source Review 

Who’s ready for the TIAM Vita B3 Source review? I had been keen to try the TIAM Vita B3 Source for a while now, since Niacinamide is one of my favorite skin care ingredients. So, I was very happy that this was included in the…

COSRX Low pH Gel Cleanser

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser Review 

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on this k-beauty favorite. COSRX Low pH Gel Cleanser is formulated with a skin-friendly pH of 5 which makes it very gentle even for sensitive skin types. The slightly acidic pH level helps protect the barrier (acid mantle) and maintain…