If you haven’t gotten your hands on the Romand Glasting Melting Balm yet, you’re missing out! I’ve been absolutely hooked on these balms lately, reaching for them daily. Who doesn’t love a reliable lip balm honestly? But the added bonus of gorgeous shades? It’s a double win!

As always, it’s a challenge to choose from so many tempting shades. After poring over swatches for what felt like ages, I finally settled on 06 Kaya Fig and 13 Scotch Nude from the Dusty on the Nude Edition, and let me tell you, they’re absolute perfection!

Where to buy: You can purchase the Romand melting balm at Yesstyle – Original Series and Dusty on the Nude Edition (use reward code: KBEAUTYNOTES for extra discount).
Olive Young (with the link or code KBNOTES10 you get an extra 5% OFF!)
Stylevana (10% OFF entire order with the code INF10LED)
– Jolse – Original and Dusty Edition.

Price: $9-$15

Volume: 3.5g

Romand Glasting Melting Balm

Packaging: Romand knows how to make a statement with their packaging. It’s got that trendy vibe that instantly catches your eye. The balms are housed in these sturdy plastic tubes and they’re color-coded, so you can quickly find the shade you’re in the mood for.

What is the Romand Glasting Melting Balm

The brand describes it as a tinted moisturizing balm, so you get a pop of color along with all the hydration. They’ve packed it with good stuff like rosehip, argan, and evening primrose oil, which are great for keeping your lips feeling soft and moisturized. There are a total of 13 shades to choose from.

Both of the shades I chose have this lovely hint of peach ice tea in their scent, so I’m assuming the other shades will smell the same.

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Romand Glasting Melting Balm swatch


The texture is actually like a fusion of lip balm and gloss, a novel experience for me. It glides and melts effortlessly onto the lips. Instantly banishes any signs of dryness and leaves your lips looking beautifully hydrated and smooth, with no pesky patches of color. Unlike stains and matte products that often demand a primed canvas for even application, this balm takes care of everything for you.

Whether you prefer a subtle, sheer look or want to amp up the color for a more intense vibe, you can easily layer it up to achieve the perfect finish. It gives you the flexibility to rock your lips exactly the way you want. I usually go for 2-3 layers and even on my pigmented lips, the color pops beautifully.

The Romand Glasting Melting Balm does have a bit of that gloss-like stickiness, but honestly, I don’t mind it one bit. If anything, I see it as a plus because it adds to the longevity of the product, ensuring that your lip look stays put for longer. Plus, it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips.

I know that a sticky finish might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s all about personal preference when it comes to texture and feel. If a non-sticky finish is more your style, then this balm might not be the best fit for you.

Final Verdict on the Romand Glasting Melting Balm

Even with the stickiness factor that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I can’t help but rave about these balms. They’re truly stunning. The shades I chose are such a perfect match for my skin tone, and I’m confident they’d complement a wide range of skin tones beautifully.

The hydration they provide, the gorgeous color payoff, and the subtle plumpness they give to my lips – it’s all just so lovely. I find myself reaching for them multiple times a day, and I can’t recommend them enough! I’m also eager to explore more similar formulas after such a positive experience with these ones.

Did you find the Romand Glasting Melting Balm Review helpful? What are your favorite products from Romand?

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