When it comes to makeup, I am by no means an expert, although I do wear natural-looking makeup almost daily. When I find something that works for me, I tend to stick to it and repurchase it multiple times. Plus, I mostly hasitate to buy makeup online because it’s difficult to know how the shade will turn out exactly. However, this year I’d like to experiment more, especially with Korean makeup.

And Peripera is one of my first picks. For those that don’t know, Peripera is a brand under Clio Cosmetics and is most known for their lip tints. I have yet to try those, because when I was browsing through their lippies, the Ink Mood Matte Lipstick in the shade 01 My Own Nude caught my eye.

Where to buy: You can purchase this at Jolse.com.

Price: $11-$16

Volume: 3g

About the Peripera Ink Mood Matte Lipstick

Soft souffle-like texture that provides a fluffy and soft application. It feels buttery smooth while applying and the finish is matte. It comes in 13 shades in total.


It comes in sturdy plastic packaging, so it doesn’t feel cheap. The shape of the bullet is easy to work with and makes the application very easy.


I’m so happy I picked this lipstick in 01 My Own Nude as it’s a perfect nude coral with the right amount of brown pigment and looks muted. I’ve been looking for a shade like this for a very long time.

It applies thinly and has great color payoff. I like that it’s so easily buildable without becoming heavy on the lips. You can lightly dab it for a soft touch of color to liven up the complexion or apply it generously for an opaque and more intense color. It can also be worn as a gradient, if you are into that kind of look.

The way I prefer to use it is by sheering it out with my fingertips for daily wear as an MLBB color. It simply looks beautiful!

The texture is soft and velvety and I don’t find it that drying even after a couple of hours. It still remains fairly comfortable on my lips and doesn’t emphasize texture. On cold days, I apply lip balm on top after some time.

Like most matte lipsticks though it does have the tendency to cling onto dry patches and flaky skin. My lips are not chapped or particularly dry so that’s not a problem for me. If yours are, you’ll have to prep them well for a smooth application.

After a couple of minutes, it sets on the lips very well and transfer is minimal to non-existent, and the lasting power is decent. As will most lipsticks, realistically speaking, it won’t last long if you consume greasy food.

Final Verdict on Peripera Ink Mood Matte Lipstick

I adore this lipstick, especially the shade. It matches my skin tone well and I think it will work great for fair, light, and medium skin tones (neutral to warm). I like the lightweight and buildable formula. Feels like you have nothing on and doesn’t transfer once it sets! Stays comfortable on the lips, but those that experience dryness will have to prep them well. I will definitely try more from Peripera from now on.

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