Matcha is a powdered form of green tea leaves and as such, it contains high levels of antioxidants, specifically catechins, which have been shown to have protective and anti-aging effects on the skin. Here, I’m reviewing 3 products from the B.LAB Matcha Hydrating Line.

B.LAB Matcha Hydrating Foam Cleanser Review

What is it: A mildly acidic and fragrance-free cleansing foam that promises to gently and effectively remove skin impurities and makeup while providing soothing effects.

Where to buy: Available at Yesstyle (reward code: KBEAUTYNOTES for 5% off your order, can be used together with other coupons), and Stylevana.

Price: $8-$13

Volume: 120ml (4.05 fl.oz.)

PAO: 12 months after opening.

Packaging: Plastic squeeze tube with a cap.


Creamy consistency that turns into a luxurious lather without leaving any residue on the skin once it’s rinsed off.


Subtle matcha scent, so anyone that doesn’t like overpowering scents would enjoy it. It doesn’t contain added fragrance.


Green Tea Leaf Extract, Centella Asiatica, Glycerin, Ceramide NP, Beta-Glucan, Allantoin.


The B.LAB Matcha Hydrating Foam Cleanser foams up very well and feels soft while you massage it. Removes oils thoroughly and makes the surface of the skin smooth too. It doesn’t cause a tight feeling for me but I have to say it feels slightly stripping.

So, I feel the need to quicky replenish my skin with hydrating products after using this cleanser. It would be a bit drying as a second step cleanser as well, so I only use it on its own on days I’m not wearing makeup. Also, a little goes a long way. Using more than needed can increase the cleansing power and make the skin feel more dry.

This was not ideal during the winter time for my oily dehydrated prone skin, so now that the weather is warmer, I have reintroduced it again to my routine.

I still do not use it everyday, but mostly when I feel like I need a thorough cleanse after spending a lot of time outside or working out. In my opinion, this is best suited for oily and combination skin, especially during the warmer months. If you generally like foam cleansers you will like this one too. For daily use, personally, I prefer to stick with a gel type cleanser.

I really like the beautiful green color of the cleanser with the little pieces of leaves though. And together with its consistency, they make a very pleasant cleansing experience.

B.LAB Matcha Hydrating Facial Toner Review

What is it: A fast absorbing watery toner that contains 47.5% organic green tea leaf water to soothe the skin, 3% chelidonium majus extract to balance sebum production, and hyaluronic acid for hydration. 

Where to buy: Available at Yesstyle (reward code: KBEAUTYNOTES for 5% off your order, can be used together with other coupons), and Stylevana.

Price: $12-$17

Volume: 150ml (5.07 fl.oz)

PAO: 12 months after opening.

Packaging: Green colored plastic bottle with an opening at the top.


Watery consistency that absorbs quite fast without any stickiness.


No distinguishable scent as it’s formulated without fragrance or essential oils.


Green Tea Leaf Water, Chelidonium Majus Extract, Allantoin, Panthenol, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Sodium Hyaluronate.


The B.LAB Matcha Hydrating Facial Toner is on the watery side, but surprizingly it does help plump my fine lines while being moderately hydrating. I’d say this is perfect for oily and combination skin types as it’s non-sticky, weightless, and doesn’t leave any film on the surface. Dry skin types can opt for toners that have more viscosity instead.

Despite the soothing ingredients it contains, I didn’t notice any skin soothing or reduction in redness. So, if you’re prone to redness or have rosacea, I don’t think this would be a good option to tackle those concerns.

As for acne prone skin, it works great. I had no issue with breakouts or congestion while using it. I prefer to incorporate it in my morning routine when it’s humid and hot outside since it’s lightweight. Overall, it’s a nice average hydrating toner, but I was expecting some skin soothing effects to be honest, which it didn’t provide.

B.LAB Matcha Hydrating Real Sunscreen Review

What is it: A fragrance-free organic (chemical) sunscreen infused with green tea extract that provides SPF 50+ PA++++ UV protection and soothing benefits.

Where to buy: Available at Yesstyle (reward code: KBEAUTYNOTES for 5% off your order, can be used together with other coupons), and Stylevana.

Price: $7-$11

Volume: 50ml (1.69 fl.oz.)

PAO: 12 months after opening.

Packaging: Typical sunscreen tube packaging with an opening to dispense the product.

Just like all the other Kolmar (manufacturing company) sunscreen formulas, the B.LAB Matcha Hydrating Real Sun Screen SPF 50+ PA++++ is very similar in consistency and performance. It’s a lightweight and easily spreadable lotion that leaves a beautiful healthy glow on the skin without becoming greasy. Sets into a smooth finish with no stickiness.

Protection and UV filters:

SPF50+ PA+++

Ethylhexyl Salicylate (UVB), Homosalate (UVB), Tinosorb S (broad-spectrum), Tinosorb M (broad-spectrum), Parsol SLX (UVB), Uvinul A Plus (UVA).

Skincare Ingredients: Green Tea Leaf Extract (1%), Niacinamide, Adenosine, Sodium Hyaluronate.

Does it contain alcohol/fragrance?

No, the formula is free of drying alcohol, fragrance, and EOs. So it would be suitable for sensitive skin types too.

Does it leave a white cast?
Inital slight white cast due to Tinosorb M but goes away quickly.

Irritation or breakouts?

How does it work with makeup?
Works beautifully as a base for makeup as it moisturizes and smooths out the skin texture.

Does it sting the eyes?
No eye stinging occurs when I use this on the eyelids.

Easy to re-apply?
Easy to re-apply without pilling or becoming heavy.

Who is it for?
This sunscreen would work great for most skin types, especially for sensitive, combination, and dry skin. I took this with me on my last trip as the packaging is not bulky and fits well in my travel bag. It ticks all the boxes for a great everyday sunscreen and it’s one of the most affordable options out there! I highly recommend it!

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