As I keep diving into Korean makeup, I’m finding joy in exploring new looks beyond my usual routine. Instead of just sticking to the basics, I’m adding more color to my makeup looks. This time, I decided to grab a lip tint at Jolse from a K-beauty brand called Fwee. I went for their Lip Tint Suede line in the shade #08 Morning Glow. Check out the swatch on my Instagram reel.

fwee Suede Lip Tint

The brand describes the tint as a powder-embedded oil that moisturizes the skin without feeling heavy or dry. And true to their words, that’s exactly how it feels. The finish is incredibly soft and powdery, yet the oil component aids in its smooth application.

It comes in 10 different shades:

Another Base 01
Dry Rehearsal 02
Sunday Picnic 03
Flower Shower 04
Fwee Red 05
Good Girl Gone Bad 06
Unnamed A 07
Morning Glow 08
Evening Suncatcher 09
Night Fall 10


The fwee suede tint arrives in a stunning beige hue with the brand name imprinted in the shade’s color. While the applicator may pick up a tad more product at the tip, it’s a minor detail that doesn’t really bother me.


The shade I chose is a stunningly vibrant warm pink peach/coral color. It complements my skin tone beautifully, adding a lively pop of color that instantly brightens my complexion. Although described as coral, it leans more towards pink on me when I apply it, which suits my complexion very well.

The color saturation is impressive, effortlessly concealing my natural lip hue. With each layer, it gains opacity, delivering a bold and intense look.

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Prior to application, I always prep my lips to prevent dryness and ensure a smooth glide. If you have chapped lips this formula will tend to cling on the dry bits on the lips. However, it doesn’t crack. Instead, it minimizes the appearance of texture, leaving a smooth and lightweight feel on the lips.

Given the recent cold weather, I’ve observed that this tint can be slightly drying on the lips. Therefore, I plan to reserve it for warmer days when my lips are less prone to dryness. Additionally, the vibrant shade feels more appropriate for the cheerful seasons of spring and summer.

Once the initial oily sensation dissipates, the color sets on the lips and stays put without transferring. As long as you steer clear of oily foods, it holds up well for a couple of hours. For those with very dry lips, this formula may exacerbate dryness, so having a trusty lip balm on hand is essential to maintain moisture and ensure comfort throughout the wear.

Final Verdict on the fwee Tint Suede


  • A mix of oil and powder texture.
  • Lightweight and soft.
  • Vibrant and saturated shade.
  • Easy to apply and layer.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Doesn’t crack.
  • Decent wear time.
  • Comfortable wear with lip prep.
  • Nice floral scent.


  • It can cling on dry patches.
  • Not the best choice for dry lips in cold weather.

While I expected a more muted shade when I picked this, I still like the color and it suits me well. If you don’t struggle with dryness or are willing to take the extra step to prep your lips beforehand, you’ll likely appreciate this lip tint. Unlike some other velvety or mousse-type formulas that never fully set on the lips, this one dries down effectively, ensuring longer-lasting color and no transfer.

Did you find the fwee Suede Lip Tint Review helpful? Would you try this brand? Let me know your favorite K-beauty lip products.

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